SoftEther VPN Connection Configuration

SoftEther VPN Connection Configuration

Configuring your SoftEther Windows VPN Connection:

In Windows 10 go to Settings / VPN;

Clock on "Add a VPN" plus sign;

In the VPN Configuration window fill in the appropriate information:

Name: Call it whatever you will recognize as this VPN connection
Server name or address: Fill in the 'host' information you have for the VPN
VPN Type: Automatic
Type of sign in info: Username and Password 
Username: YOUR VPN Username
Password: YOUR VPN Password
* VPN credentials do NOT necessarily match your SERVER credentials so please make sure you are entering the correct information.
Press SAVE.

To connect:
NOTE: If you lose your internet connection when you connect to the VPN then you can change the settings for default gateway on your VPN connection to ONLY use your existing internet connection as described below.

Right mouse click on VPN Connection you setup and pick "Properties" from the droop down menu;

When window opens go the the "Networking" TAB and double click on:
"Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"

On the General TAB click on the "Advanced" button;

Under the "IP Settings" TAB make sure to UN-check "Use default gateway on remote network" box.
Press OK button to close the window and save your changes.

Click the OK Button in the Internet Protocol Version 4 Window to close it.

Click the OK Button in the VPN Connection Properties Window to close it.

To Connect:
If you click on your internet connection on the taskbar (Ethernet or Wi-Fi icon as if you were looking for a wireless connection ) and your VPN connection will show up as a choice. From there you can simply press the connect button to connect.

Control Panel > Networking and Sharing Center 
On the left hand side click on "Change adapter settings"

This is where you will see your VPN connection.

Once your VPN is setup you can create a shortcut on your Desktop by right mouse clicking on the connection and pick "Create Shortcut".
You will be prompted to create a shortcut on your desktop, click YES.

To Connect/Disconnect to the VPN you can right mouse click on your VPN connection shortcut on your desktop and pick connect or disconnect.

Using VPN Client to Connect to the VPN:
This portion is ONLY if you are installing the VPN client on your computer.
If you lose internet connection when connected using the VPN client you can change the settings as follows on the VPN connection properties as described below.

In client: "Right click and choose "properties". Then choose " advanced settings" in the lower right. Then check the box also in the lower right ''No adjustment to routing tables"

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