Setting up Office365 Email in Outlook 2016 for MAC

Setting up Office365 Email in Outlook 2016 for MAC

Set up your first Exchange account

  1. On the setup page, click Add Account.

    Add account

  2. Click the account type you want to add:

    Important: If you don't know which type of e‑mail server your account uses, check with your email provider, internet service provider, or email administrator.

    • Click Exchange or Office 365 to add your work or school email account.

    • Click Other Email (such as IMAP or POP) to add your personal, online email account, like Hotmail,, Google, MSN, iCloud, etc.

      Add an account for the first time

  3. Enter your account information, and click Add Account.

    Enter your account information

    Note:  For a work or school account with Office 365 subscriptions, please make sure you use your email address for both the Email address and User name fields.

    All the accounts you add will show in the left pane.

    Accounts you add will show up in the left pane

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