Resetting a Microsoft Outlook 365 Password

Resetting a Microsoft Outlook 365 Password

If you can receive email on your computer or smart device (tablet/phone) but do not know your password and need to reset it please do the following.

To reset your Microsoft 365 and Spam Portal password please go to:
[ Link will open on a separate tab ]
and click on Forgot Password as shown below.

On the next screen please enter:
  1. Your complete email address
  2. Click on 'I'm not a Robot'
  3. Send Password Reset Email

You will receive an automated email with a password link in order for you to reset your password.
Once reset you can use it to login to or to activate any MS365 email related application.
Please note: Once you reset your password Outlook WILL prompt you to re-enter it as it has changed.

If you are not able to receive email at all and need to reset your password then please contact support by opening a ticket.

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