Installing RMM Agent

Installing RMM Agent

The following instructions will help you install the Agent necessary to put your PC on the Network.

The PC is initially setup with minimal requirements and without any protection until the agent is installed so we recommend doing this asap.

Note: You will need a download password to download and install the Agent required.
If you do not have a password please request it by emailing support.
  1. Once you are loged into your profile, (or a temporary admin profile) please open the Edge Browser.
    (If it's not open already and you are reading this on the browser)
    Shortcut is either on the desktop or your taskbar.

  3. Click on the following link or go to the following website:
    [ Link opens on separate tab ]

  4. Enter the password in the empty field and press submit to be taken to the Agent Download Page.

    Enter the password and press "Submit"

  5. Look for a file that starts with "Agent" and ends with .ZIP and click on it.

    Example: Download File: AGENT_COMPANYNAME_VX_X_X_RW.ZIP

  6. Click on the file to download it. The file will download to the default location.
    (In the Downloads folder)

  7. Once downloaded open the downloads folder and double click
    on the file to open it's contents and double click on the file with the .exe extension as shown below to install the agent.

  8.  You will be prompted to verify if you want to run the installation.

    Click on 'More info'

  9. Once you pick on 'More info' please click on 
    "Run Anyway" button as shown below.

  10. Agent will seem to not do anything but it will begin installing and report in and join our network infrastructure.

  11. You are done; please email support to let us know it's ready.

    Thank you.

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