NEW Azure PC Setup

NEW Azure PC Setup

When you receive your new computer please follow these initial instructions to set it up.
The machine will be initially setup with minimal requirements in order for us to take over and add it to your existing network infrastructure.

To perform the NEW PC install [ or a Windows Reset ] you will need the following:
  1. The login credentials for the computer
    Note: These are NOT your credentials, they are administrative setup credentials
    provided by REALTIME Managed Services
    [ If you don't have them please submit a support ticket to request them ]
  2. Your agent download password
  3. The WiFi Key for your location
If you do not have these please email support before proceeding.

Please follow the step by step instructions below:
  1. On a NEW PC: Check for damage on the box.
    If there is noticeable damage please do not continue and contact support to let us know.
  2. Open the box and make sure all items listed are there.
  3. Connect the computer to the power supply and power on
    ( Or connect any Cat5, Cat6 network cable to the wall if not using WiFi )

  4. Turn on the PC. [ OR wait for screen if this is a Windows Reset ]

  5. If prompted select your Region: US

  6. Same as for Keyboard: US

  7. Skip the Second Keyboard Layout
  8. Connect to the network by clicking on the WiFi SSID and the Key you were provided with.

  9. Enter the security WiFi security key when prompted.

    * After entering the security key you will be prompted if you want the computer to be discoverable by other PC's.
    * Please select YES 
    * You should get a verification that the computer is now connected to the network. "Connected Secured"
    Click Next
  10. Accept the License Agreement

  11. How would you like to setup screen; Pick Setup for for an organization.
    Click Next

  12. On the "Sign in with Microsoft" is where you enter the Admin login credentials provided by REALTIM Managed Services for the computer.
    [ if you don't have them you need to contact support before proceeding ]

  13. When prompted to use Windows Hello click Next

  14. Please contact us to provide you with the code that was sent.
    Enter the code and press Verify
    [ You can jump to #15 to skip verification for now ]

  15. If for some reason the code is unavailable you can press the 'X' at the top right of the screen to close the verification process for now.
    You will get a 'Something Went Wrong' screen that you can then press 'Skip for Now'.

  16. Once the computer boots you are now ready to install the Agent.
    Please open the Edge Browser

    Go to: 
    [ This link opens on separate tab ]

  17. Password:  please request password from tech support.

  18. Once you enter the password press submit to be taken to the Agent Download Page

  19. Enter the password and press "Submit"

  20. Look for a file that starts with "Agent" and ends with .ZIP and click on it.

  21. Click on the file to download it. The file will download to the default location. 
    (Downloads folder)

  22. Once downloaded open the downloads folder and double click 
    on the file to open it's contents and double click 
    on the file with the .exe extension as shown below to install the agent.

  23. You will be prompted to stop the install. 
    Please click on 'more info'

  24. Once you pick on 'More info' please click on 
    "Run Anyway" button as shown below.

  25. Agent will seem to not do anything but it will install and report and join our network infrastructure.
  26. Power Settings: You need to open the Control Panel and change the Power Settings so the PC
    won't go to sleep.

    Please click on the Windows Icon on the bottom left of your task bar 

    Once you click on the icon all the Program Files will appear, without clicking anywhere begin typing: Control Panel
    When the App appears click on either Control Panel or Open.

  27. In the Control Panel look for the Power Options and click on it.

  28. Under Power Settings depending on the computer brand they might look different.
    Look for the Change the selected plan settings option and click on it.
    [ note: Plan settings might be called different, Balanced, Preferred, etc... ]

  29. Use the drop down under "Plugged in" for "Put the computer to sleep" and pick Never.
    Press Save changes button to save the new setting.

  30. You can close all windows once the power settings have been changed.

  31. You are done; please email support to let us know it's ready. 

    Thank you.

Once you have created the user and are on the desktop.
If you are having trouble and are unable to download and install the Agent
you can schedule a Remote Assist by contacting support and following the instructions
available on this link: CLICK HERE

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