Microsoft Edge Browser Not Opening or Closing Immediately in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Browser Not Opening or Closing Immediately in Windows 10

If you have the issue where Microsoft Edge Browser either does not seem to open or opens and closes immediately then do the following in order to correct the issue.

  1. On your Windows Task Bar click on Start [ Windows Logo ] and Settings [ Sproket ]

  2.  When the Windows Settings window opens click on the search field and type: Smart
    A sub-menu will appear, click on Reputation-based protection

  3. The Reputation-based protection window opens.
    Un-check "SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge" to turn that feature OFF

    Once you click on it it should look like this:

    You can click on Dismiss so you won't get warned about it.
  4. That's it. Close the window and test Microsoft Edge Browser.

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