IMAP & POP3 Email Configuration

IMAP & POP3 Email Configuration

These are the settings that any email client will be requiring in order to configure your email account on any device. (Outlook, smart phone, tablets, etc..)
These settings are for iMAP and PoP3 accounts ONLY.

NOTE: If you are using i365 then these settings DO NOT apply to you.
If you have already configured your email account(s) and just need to re-configure the email settings then the information is in this article.

Secure SSL/TLS Settings
(Recommended for security)
Please replace with YOUR email address.
Password:               Use the email account’s password.
Incoming Server:
    IMAP Port: 993
    POP3 Port: 995

Outgoing Server:

    SMTP Port: 465

Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

Non-SSL Settings

(This is NOT recommended as communication between your email client & the server is not encrypted)

Password:                Use the email account’s password.
Incoming Server:
    IMAP Port: 143
    POP3 Port: 110

Outgoing Server:

    SMTP Port: 26

Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

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