How to Reboot / Restart your PC

How to Reboot / Restart your PC

To reboot your computer you need to make sure it shuts down and restarts completely in one action. 
Please note that shutting a PC down and then turning it back on is not the same thing.
If you have a laptop closing the screen and reopening it is not a reboot, that is just putting the machine to sleep and waking it up.
Your PC should be rebooted at the very least 1 a week.

Rebooting Windows 10
  1. To reboot your PC please click on the Windows Icon on your taskbar:

  2. Click on the Power Button and click Restart

  3. This will begin the restart process.
Please note that if you have not rebooted in several days your computer might take a bit longer to reboot and/or might only have the option to
"Update and Reboot".
In order to avoid delays please leave your PC turned on after you leave work, this way updates can take place after hours.

If you prefer not to reboot in the mornings, a good practice can be rebooting your computer right before you leave the office.

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